Welcome to the NIS Migration Resource Site!

Sun Microsystems' Network Information Service (NIS) has been the primary choice for managing Unix identity information in a networked environment for many years. Unfortunately, NIS has several shortcomings in the areas of security, manageability, and network dependency, and its successor, NIS+, was never widely accepted as a standard. Increasingly, NIS has proven unable to pass stringent security guidelines for user account management and access control, both from a simple IT best practices perspective and from a regulatory compliance perspective. This fact, combined with Sun's "end-of-feature" announcement for NIS+ and its focus on migrating customers off of NIS to LDAP has prompted corporate security and compliance managers and IT administrators to look for a solution to replace NIS with a solution that is secure, manageable, and cost-effective.

This web site is a resource sponsored by Centrify Corporation that discusses what is NIS, what are its limitations, and provides an example of how you can migrate from NIS to Active Directory. While examples will initially be focused on Centrify's solutions and approach to NIS Migration, over time we hope to add additional examples and resources to provide a full spectrum of NIS migration resources.

NIS before Centrify's DirectControl

The Challenge: Multiple NIS domains are difficult to manage and do not give you a global view of "who has access to what."

NIS After Centrify's DirectControl

The Solution: The systems in each NIS domain are now managed centrally through Active Directory, with user access to a system now linked to that user's Active Directory account. You now have a global view of which systems a particular user can access and, conversely, which users can access a particular system.